(by: Gr. 6 Responsible Class Officers 2016-2017)
We had our leadership training entitled “The Ingredients of Cooking a Great Leader” last September 17, 2016, held at Camp N, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. The objective of this activity was to experience different challenges that will potentially enhance our leadership skills. When we arrived in the venue, we were divided into ten groups and we gained new friends from different grade levels. We raced through different challenges. We bravely faced our fears in the tower activities when we tried the roller coaster zipline, free fall and wall climbing. We used strategies and learned new techniques to accomplish challenging tasks such as whale watch, low ropes, obstacle courses etc.  We also had a meaningful experiences in the cheering competition wherein we shared our talents in singing and dancing. Through this activity, we learned to conquer our fears and to face new challenges. The leadership training also taught us that working as a team can help us accomplish the tasks with joy and ease. We also learned to accept and respect others’ opinions and lastly, we learned to share our God-given talents and skills with others. Equipped with the learnings we gained through this training, we hope to be a better person and a better leader.


Leadership Training @ Camp N Nuvali

Assembly at SICC and travel

Touchdown at Camp N Nuvali

Briefing with TLJhee

d. briefing with students at Camp N Nuvali

Around Camp N Nuvali

Bahay Kubo Garden

Cats and Dogs Shuffle

Low Ropes

Obstacle Relay

Whale Watch

Avatar Zip Line

Wall Climbing

Free Fall

Cheering Competition

Processing and Awarding