JHS Science Month Celebration 2017

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            The Junior High School celebrated the Science Month with the theme “Connecting People to Nature”. This month long celebration started with a prayer at a general assembly of the Junior High School. To awaken the situation about the different endemic species in the Philippines, a symposium at the SICC as held and was attended by all grade levels. It was facilitated by Haribon Foundation, and focused on “Saving our Biodiversity”. After the said symposium, a ten-item quiz was given via the public address (PA system) for all students.

            Every morning, sound of birds, horses, rushing water and rain drops were played via PA and this would help students feel and connect to nature.

            ‘Twas September 9, 2017, the Science teachers together with the YES-O members re-Connect to Nature by cleaning the Marikina River. The Science teachers coordinated with the City Environment Management Office to make the area’s Social Involvement Activity which is the SAGIP-ILOG a success. It is our own little way that we could help save Mother Earth!


            Another exciting way to feel and experience the month long celebration, the area invited the Learning Adventour Educational Services for a Mobile Exhibit. The group organized four learning stations. The first station focused on Environmental Science, on how to take care of our environment and the effects of global warming. The second station, talked about the basic science of Physics and Chemistry. The third station, highlighted the science of Astronomy and the last station called “Up Close” which is the application of Physical Science.

            The celebration concluded with a minds on activity – SCIENCE QUIZ BEE, sponsored by GENYO, facilitated by the YES-O club with the assistance of the Science teachers. The said quiz bee was participated by the students with the highest grade in Science for the first quarter. There were 28 students who participated. Each team is composed of four students coming from different grade levels. It was group 7 who emerged as champions, with members: Julia Sabado of Gr. 10-St. Catherine, Fina Bergonia of Gr. 9-St. Gertrude, Bianca Patricia Carranto of Gr. 8-St. Margaret Mary and Jennifer Rejas of Gr. 7-St. Joan of Arc.

            The celebration is over but definitely our goal of Connecting People to Nature will not put an end here. “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, ONLY  then will we realize that one cannot eat money” from a Native American saying.