We Are Grade 5 Leaders

Shane Eunice S. Negapatan & Lana Jahziel G Roxas
         5 Creative               5 Reflective

Grade 5 class and club officers had a wonderful time learning new skills and meeting new friends last December 2, 2017 at the GS AVR. They learned to listen for details as they passed on a message with their team mates. They realized that the original story may be changed as it is being passed from one person to another. That is why, one needs to be careful about any information as it can be a tool to build up or destroy.


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They also learned that in working together as a team, they must come up with concrete plans for a project or else it will be difficult to accomplish it given the many ideas each member contributes. They must agree among themselves and work towards the attainment of their goal. The skill of being able to plan and work with a group was attained though the straw tower activity. Although it was quite difficult to agree on how to build it, the tallest, strongest and movable tower was awarded.

Having a goal in life is the reason why the facilitator, Mr. Jeffrey Ordonez who is also the current SSAMPTA President, asked the participants to prepare a dream board of herself. It contained what she will be like in the future. He emphasized that every action that one makes should lead to the attainment of this goal and that a leader sets her eyes on the goals and does her best to achieve them not only for herself but also for her team.

The fifth graders were happy and satisfied. They are more ready to change the world one step at a time.