Grade 6 Leadership Training
Erin Celestial
6 - Prudent

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Last October 23, we, the student officers participated in the “Class and Club Leadership Training” held in the GS AVR. We started off with the introduction of our speaker, Mr. Jeffrey Ordonez, our PTA president, followed by the opening remarks. Afterwards, we had numerous fun activities teaching us about being a better leader, such as identifying our dreams and listing down the leader traits of a person our group collectively admired. 

Out of the eight groups, four agreed that the leader they admire most is former Directress, S. Angelica Leviste, OSB for her numerous traits not only as a leader but as an administrator, mother and friend. It was very timely because it was almost a year since she joined our Father in Heaven. She must be looking down at the Scholasticans to remind them of how they should stand up for the right and to be good leaders as well.

Despite not being able to hold this event outside of the school premises, all of us were still able to enjoy the lively occasion with our fellow schoolmates. With every activity we were given, there were messages about leadership that were both clearly showed and implied. Our last task was writing a reflection about all that we’ve learned through the event, which gave us a clear understanding of what we have discussed. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience to us all, making it an unforgettable memory. In behalf of the Grade 6 level officers, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the school administration, especially S. Alexis Lamarroza OSB, Mrs. Jennifer Medina and Ms. Apple Faith Villa for facilitating the event for us.