Gr 3 Lakbay Aral Part 2



Mayor Marcy  and MASIDO with Grade 3 SIP
Mrs. Sheryll Anne R. Carlos
Mother of Samantha Alexandria R. Carlos of 3 – Thoughtful

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." A Chinese Proverb

This may have been the mantra followed by our dear Marikina City Mayor Marcy Teodoro and Mr. Noel Box  and his team from  the Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office’s (MASIDO) vision of how to positively share the message and love for our beloved city’s shoe industry. The day was filled with exciting activities that made everyone giddy with excitement, excited to learn and have fun at the same time.

First stop - The whole team has succeeded in making sure that all of our Grade 3 Students are in the right mindset to learn by feeding not only their tummies with the yummy snacks but also tapped their artistic side with the sweet history of the welcome party’s venue in the newly restored Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina or more popularly known as Kapitan Moy  and the perfect accompaniment to the event led by the Marikina Rondalla Band. Our students also brought their A game in all of their performances from a song number to several dance numbers that even made everyone dance, including Sister Josefina Nepomuceno, OSB, our  school Directress, Sister Alexis Lamarroza, OSB, our Grade School Principal and Mayor  Marcy!

Second Stop – A historic tour of the Shoe Museum where our students learned how and why the museum was built during the time of Mayor Bayani Fernando and was opened to the public last 2001. From there, the Grade 3 students were able to see the raw materials and equipment used for shoe making throughout the years, together with the different shoe fashion trends. One thing that everyone liked was to see the shoes of famous personalities as part of the exhibit. They were surprised with the numerous shoes of our Former First Lady Imelda Marcos, whose collection is secured in our very own museum. A short but succinct tour of the actual shoe history that every Marikeno should know by heart.

Third Stop – Learning will not be complete until the students see with their very,  own eyes, how shoes are made and this was made possible by our gracious factory owners.

Gibson Shoes - Arlene S. Andres

Walkstep / D&T - Donato Tuazon

Alrial / Antonio Miguel Shoes - Alfredo L. Magtaos

Zachy / Bobmars - Marylinda Magbag

Felice / Checkpoint - Neil Nepomoceno

Valentino Shoes - Dolora V. Dela Paz

Ely Knows - Ely Rose Edullan

Gibi Shoes - Roger Py

With all of the factory visits, our Grade 3 Students met our beloved shoemakers who did their assigned tasks, the best way they can and really echoed their pride in what they are doing with smiles on their faces – this will be from pattern making, cutting, forming, gluing and adding on each part that makes our Marikina shoes really special – attractive and durable – then also how new technology and machines have been added to the shoe-making steps for efficiency. This includes the differences in making men’s, ladies’, kids’ and even combat shoes made out of varied materials (pure and synthetic leather, crocodile skin and even pig skin!).  The shoemakers also were able to have our students  do a hands-on experience with the pattern creation and machine handling – definitely unforgettable! This has left a good imprint in our students’ minds of how our shoe industry is not just a big thing for consumers like us, but more so for those who make them.

Fourth Stop – Another pride and joy of our city is the creative company of Lucban Hats of Mr. Jose Cabungcal. We made our last stop to see how simple hats were made elegant in different colors, shapes and sizes – simply world class. Our visit here exudes ingenuity and the students imbibed that feeling, as they enjoyed trying on the different hats.
The seeds of curiosity of our students that were planted during our SIP Part 1 have been watered and have flourished with the healthy soil of knowledge, history and experience because of the Lakbay Aral SIP Part 2, courtesy of our MASIDO Team. 

We can be assured that the Shoe Industry in our city will continue its’ development, as the whole day activity have inculcated in their minds that we can help it become better or be at its best by patronizing our own city’s products and crafts and be proud of them. The sense of pride is deeper because now, our  Grade 3 students know and  understand and that we care for our city and the people in our community.