Up Close and Personal with the Lolos and Lolas

Mr. Arnold Zafra

Grade 6 - Prudent Parent SIP Representative

Our society is unique because of one peculiar reason—the Filipino family. By family, I mean not just your usual daddy, mommy, and kids but also includes the titos and titas, cousins, and most especially our beloved lolos and lolas. That’s why it was heartwarming to know that for this year’s Social Involvement Program (SIP), our dear grade 6 students will be interacting with our elderly who were left with no choice but to live in nursing homes within the vicinity of SSAM.

On November 21, 2017 the students together with the Student Activity Coordinator, advisers and subject teachers, the SIP Parent Volunteers and Parent Section Representatives of each section met with representatives of various nursing homes which will be part of the SIP activities for this school year. Present during the meeting are home directors from St. Benedict’s Home, Good Samaritan Nursing Home and San Pedro Calungsod Nursing Home The representatives gave a brief presentation about their institutions and how they care for the elderlies.


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A very active and self-fulfilled Senior Citizen also graced the occasion to talk about her fruitful life in the community and the church she serves.  She is no other than SSAM’s very own Mrs. Nenita Francisco. She retired from teaching in 2008 after serving as Filipino Coordinator, GS Faculty Association President and Maintenance Supervisor. She shared that she can still do a lot of things for herself and other with certain limitations. She advised the students to keep on honoring and respecting the elderly as they will gain much from their experiences and wisdom.

The meeting was an opportunity for our girls to know more about the institutions that will be assigned to their section. It was good to witness how the students were so enthusiastic to know more about the different nursing homes. It was evident from their reaction that the girls were excited to visit their assigned nursing home.

Having experienced the same activity when I was still in high school, I’m pretty sure that our beloved daughters will learn a lot from this outreach activity. Hopefully, after interacting with the lolos and lolas, the girls will be more respectful of their own lolos and lolas, whether still living with them or with their relatives. This is a once in a lifetime experience that the students should cherish because they will not only bring joy and happiness to the lolos and lolas of the nursing homes but it will also be a chance for them to appreciate their own lolos and lolas.