English Month Celebration

The month of November had been a prolific one not only to the students but to the parents and teachers as well. The theme “Celebrate Communion through Responsible and Effective Communication” was utilized for this year’s English month celebration. A lot of fun-filled and engaging activities were initiated and spearheaded by the English area, such as storytelling, contests for book door design making and book jacket design making, poem recital contest, Scholastics book fair, book character parade and differentiated classroom-based activities.

Selected parents of grade 1 and 4 made their daughters proud as they accepted the invitation to be the guest storytellers of their section. This activity revealed how talented and artistic the parents are as storytellers, for they were able to deliver effectively the morals of the stories they read through their creative styles in storytelling. The grade 5 and 6 students once again proved their ingenuity and creativity as they participated in their respective design making contests. Students from the grade 4 level performed a mini-play during the poem recital contest that was participated in by a representative from each section.

 The three-day book fair paved the opportunity for the students to complete their collections of books and to support the advocate of the school to develop their love for reading. The kindergarten pupils and teachers brought the book characters alive as they dressed magnificently according to their chosen book characters.
This month-long celebration also involved the homeroom advisers as they took the challenge of interpreting the message of the English month theme through their bulletin board displays. DEAL (Drop Everything And Listen) time was made possible as selected teachers shared valuable life lessons through the stories they read via PA system.

During English time, students were as busy as bees as they performed various tasks that tapped their multiple intelligences.

Truly, the celebration showed the genuine essence of living in communion using the English language as the medium of understanding and communication.

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