First Math League Competition
at Makati Hope Christian School

Last November 10, 2016 (Thursday), the, headed by Mr. Tim Sanders, conducted the Qualifying Round of the 1st Math League Competition here in the Philippines for elementary and high school students.   Winners in the said competition will be invited to USA for the Championship round.

Four of our students from grades 3 to 6 were selected and represented the school in the said competition together with Mrs. Kathrina Odtohan, the Academic Coordinator for Intermediate Level.  They were Rheann Daphne F. Marasigan (3-Truthful), Mary Janiyah Kate Z. Aguto (4-Alert), Ma. Erin Paz T. Celestial (5-Reflective) and Marianne Elise M. Gonzales (6-Responsible). 

The qualifying round was composed of 4 different sets of tests:  Sprint Test, Target Test, Number Sense Test and the Team Test.  All the contestants took the same sets of tests and it started at 8:30 a.m. at the Gymnasium of Makati Hope Christian School and ended at around 11 a.m.  Announcement of the top 10 individual qualifiers per grade level, top 3 team qualifiers and the awarding of medals followed after checking of the test papers.

Our grade 5 and 6 participants made it to the top 10 and received a medal.  Both of them were automatically qualified for the next round.  Moreover, our grade 3 participant made it to the top 15 and she was also qualified to join the next round of competition which will happen before the end of the school year.