Grade 1 FAMILY DAY 2016

By Mrs. Gade Ron Ron T. Lim

With the theme “Families Share God’s Merciful Love That Unites and Ignites”, families of Grade 1 students convene last August 27, 2016 for the annual Family Day gathering. The event was held in various areas within the school premises, (Sr. Ligouri Hall, Sr. Joaquin Santos Dining Hall, classrooms, canteen).

"It was advantageous that a meeting at least one month ahead was organized to discuss the Family Day. This way, initial brainstorming among parents began.”  
-  Mrs. Lagos, 1-Adorable PSR

"The objectives set was attained which is to bring happiness to the students and us parents too. Feedback from families who attended were positive and the students had a fantastic day.” 
- Mrs. Adigue, 1-Cheerful PSR

“The experience was surreal. Planning, production, and right until the event itself showed the high level of quality and cooperation which are not only limited to the students. Everybody had enjoyed the harmonic activities; parents participated, too.”
- Mrs. Bartolome 1-Faithful PSR/Grade 1 Level Representative


"Our food was served wonderfully and no leftovers. All parents cooperated and helped to organize the entire event, from the preparation up to cleaning time."
- Mrs. Sobrevinas 1-Friendly PSR

"Creative talent of the students were highlighted with their DIY banderitas as our decorations. We also got to see them perform their song and dance numbers for us."
- Mrs. Hernandez 1-Gentle PSR

"Being partners in nurturing our daughters’ holistic development, both parents and teachers joined wholehearted efforts to make this event a success."
- Mrs. Lim 1-Helpful PSR

"The FD brought camaraderie, fun and friendship not only to students but to the entire family as well. It paved the way for parents to get to know each other and their adviser better. Values of sharing, cooperation and care were observed. “
- Mrs. Policarpio 1-Obedient PSR