Grade 5 Family Day

by Chelle Cunanan
PRO-Level Council & PSR 5-Peaceful

September 3, 2016, was a special day for our 5th graders as they celebrated their Family Day with the theme "Families Share God’s Merciful Love that Unites and Ignites.” The activity was spearheaded by PSRs Katrina Cruz (Creative); Angie Telan (Industrious); Chelle Cunanan (Peaceful); Lyn Paz (Persevering); Anthony Jumaquio (Reflective) and chaired by PLR Mrs. Patty Brazal (Reliant), who also happens to be this year's PTA President.

Registration was taken care of by parent volunteers and as early as 12noon, were on hand to welcome the excited pupils and their families. Parents and family members wore their section colors for easy identification. The activity was opened by singing the national anthem, followed by a prayer service c/o the Grade 5 teachers and selected students. The prayer service ended with community singing (a synchronized interpretative dance of all the Grade 5 students).

This year's jolly and dynamic hosts Nol De Leon and Sharon Zafra kept the affair in a festive mood. Game Master Angie Telan, who was assisted by the ever-energetic Angie Dizon, facilitated the games for the girls. Everyone enjoyed playing and win or lose, everybody went home with a prize because of the generosity of our dear parents.

And of course everyone enjoyed receiving extra prizes because of the afternoon's raffle, which was made possible because of the generosity of our parents. We had a wide range of items from simple pouches/notebooks, umbrellas, blanket, and backpacks to assorted gift certificates, and even appliances like mini blender, rice cooker and stand fans. Raffle drawn was not only for the girls but also for the parents and teachers who were present during the event.

Families also shared in a bountiful merienda as they mingled with co-parents and teachers during salu-salo time, while being entertained by a selected group of students who performed on stage. The event ended just before 4 pm. The girls happily headed home wearing their personalized tote bag, with some goodies and usable items. The class advisers also went home with their personalized bags.

We thank and congratulate all students, teachers, parent officers, and most of all the other parents for their cooperation, support and generosity in making it possible to create lifetime, beautiful memories with the kids during the Grade 5 Family Day.


Edited by: Angie Telan
Secretary-Level Council, PSR 5-Industrious


Grade 5 Family Day – September 3, 2016