Scholastican Ballerinas

SSAM congratulates the following students who competed in the 4th Association of Ballet Academies, Philippines (ABAP) Ballet Competition held at the Meralco Theater on August 27-28, 2016.

Nikola Lozada (1 – Adorable)
5th place   Junior 1A Classical Solo (6-7 years old)

Bernice Allenda (2 – Courteous)
4th place.  Junior 1B Classical Solo (6-7 years old)
2nd place.  Junior 2A Contemporary Solo (8-9 years old)

Angela Lozada (8 – St. Marta)
1st place – Junior 4 Classical Solo (11-13 years old)
1st  place – Junior 4 Contemporary solo (11-13 years old)
7th place – Junior 5 Classical Solo (14-15 years old)
1st place – Junior 5 Contemporary Solo (14-15 years old)
1st place – Senior Classical Solo (16 years old and above)
3rd place – Senior Contemporary Solo (16 years old and above)
2nd place – Contemporary Duo
2nd  place – Open Classical Group (No 1st place ranking was awarded)
1st  place –  Open Contemporary Group

The ABAP Ballet Academies, Philippines was founded in 1993 and holds an annual competition for all member schools showcasing the talents of their students from 6 years old.