Faculty Retreat and Summer Outing
Baguio City, Philippines

March 24-26, 2017
School year 2016-2017 officially ended with the Grade 6 Commencement Ceremony last March 23 but not for the teachers. Administrative work such as the preparation of reports for submission to the Department of Education, subject area and other school offerings and services evaluations, cleaning the classrooms of clutter, returning of borrowed items, clearance and all those things that comprise the regular hustle and bustle of the academic life is still at hand. However, the faculty moved on to higher grounds to take time to relax, reflect and renew.   Clad in hooded jackets and bonnets to keep them warm, the faculty travelled five hours to St. Scholastica’s Retreat House in Baguio City. There, they had Kairos moments with Jesus that led them to deepen their appreciation of God’s unconditional love. They unloaded the contents of their heart- Hatred, Envy, Anger, Resentment and Trash to give more room for mercy and compassion. This unloading could not be done without the miracle of forgiveness-forgiveness for others, more so for the self. It is only then that one can be truly healed thru Christ’s healing touch.



The faculty was made to remember that they have an option to make the right choices in their everyday challenges-the choice to grow, to give, to listen, to make a difference, to do what is right, to take care of one’s health and to always connect with the Higher Power. And just like Mother Mary’s example of virtuous living, the teachers may be clothed in the values she exemplified.

After the much needed rest and conversation with the Lord, the faculty moved on to a tour of the city. They flocked to the

  Philippine Military Academy, picked strawberries and bought fruits and vegetables at the Strawberry Farm, took photos at the Mines View Park and lined up at the Good Shepherd store for its delectable ube jam, peanut brittle all sorts of delicacies and had fun strolling famous spots in the City of Pines. Sta. Catalina Retreat House became their second home for the second night. On the third day, the faculty braved the market street for a delightful pasalubong shopping spree and leisure walk.

This trip would not have been possible without the generosity of the school administration, S. Alexis Lamarroza, OSB, GS Principal and Directress, the CLE Area headed by the Campus Minister, Mrs. Catalina Tungol, the faculty who participated actively, and most especially Fr. Eduardo Verdadero who led the group in this spiritual journey.

Father Eduardo Verdadero used to be a member of the HS Faculty and the Personnel Officer before joining the Holy Order.