Student Leaders Convene for the HS
Leadership Training Part II

    The High School department puts prime the holistic formation of its students. One of the programs being implemented is its Leadership Program. It has the following objectives.

    • Identify and groom the potential leaders in the classroom and in the different clubs and organizations through subjecting them to different tasks and responsibilities.

    • Assist students in developing and increase in them their self-awareness so that they have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

    • Create leaders and encourage individual autonomy at increasingly lower levels within the class or club.
    • Train these students to be highly successful and creative leader.

    • Integrate the school’s vision-mission in overall approaches in managing their group from the planning of activities, implementation and evaluation.


Last November 11, 2016 at the SICC, the Student Council Organization prepared an activity for the High School’s student officers. As the highlight of the day’s activity, resource speakers were invited in the person of Ms. Darlene Baltazar, and Ms. Michelle Sianghio. Both speakers were previous SCO officers when they were in high school. They shared their experiences on how they were able to lead and inspire their school mates in a common objective. Bits of wisdom were also told by the speakers on how to deal with stress and other negative situations. They shared the same point that as Benedictine leaders, anything is possible if we offer it up to Him.