The Philippine Stock Exchange Experience

Last October 12, 2016, selected students from Grades 9 and 10, together with their respective Araling Panlipunan teachers, went to the Philippine Stock Exchange Center (PSE) in Ortigas Center. Students and teachers alike were briefed about the on-goings inside the PSE.
The briefing centered around the board of stocks and the brokers on the floor of the exchange. Questions were entertained after and students keenly put forward their questions and clarifications. Prior to leaving, various photo opportunities were done by the students and teachers. On the bus, a post-mortem was done to evaluate the experience. Ms. Pacis further expounded upon the stock exchange and students were asked to come up and share their assessment and opinions. Overall, the experience was genuinely an actualized lesson wherein the economics explained in class could actually be seen and applied in real life.