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The SSAM High School Library/AV Center being an integral part of the institution provides quality and necessary information, seeking skills to meet both educational and recreational needs of the students and faculty.

It aims to support the educational program and to have library empowerment through quality service and information literacy to become self-directed learners, effective communicators and discriminating users of ideas and information.

Housed at the third floor, Nursia Wing of the High School building. It has various sections with different subject content or form. The procedures and services may vary so that it is essential that they be understood to make work in the library more efficient and fruitful.


Class Days

7:00 AM – 4:30   PM  (weekdays)
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM  (Saturdays)

Non-Class Days

8:30 AM – 12:00 NN (weekdays)
1:00 PM -   4:30 PM
8:30 AM – 11:30 NN (Saturdays)


(The Non-Print Section)

     The Audio Visual Center assists the faculty in making their teaching learning activities more interesting and effective through the use of various audio-visual materials/equipment.

     The Center is the non-print section of the library.

Students :

1.   Requisition forms with proper signature should be forwarded to the Center at least one (1) hour before the scheduled time. Only duly noted and approved requests will be entertained.

2.   Materials and equipment must be drawn out and returned to the AV Center by the person who requested for them on the date and time stated. Delegation and transfer of such responsibility is not permitted.

3.   Dubbing or re-taping of cassette tapes will depend on the availability of the person in-charged and of the equipment & materials.

5.   Silence must be observed always in the AV Center. Bringing of candies and the like inside the Center is strictly discouraged.


1.   All subject areas, especially those with new teachers are required to go through an orientation/re-orientation with hands on activity. This is regularly done during summer and as per request of individuals.

2.   The Audio-Visual rooms are mainly for FILM VIEWING ONLY. However, regular meetings of the faculty, advisers, moderators and clubs with speaker(s) during Friday (activity period) can be accommodated.

NOTE: For proper services of regular meetings of faculty, advisers and moderators, please accomplish the requisition form for reference of the AV personnel.

3.   Use of the AV Center is on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis with properly accomplished form. Verification/reservation of schedule must be done before accomplishing the requisition form. It must be properly signed by the following:

 Film viewing (Academics)

Subject Coordinator
Assistant Principal


Student Activities Coordinator

4.   The request must be followed up by the person concerned. Requisition forms with proper signature shall be forwarded to the center at least a day before the scheduled activity. Only duly noted and approved requests will be entertained.

5.   Request for other services such as dubbing (for school use only), classrooms service of OHP, borrowing of equipment and materials for classroom use needs only the signature of the librarian c/o AV Center personnel.

6.   Borrowing of materials/equipment must be requested at least one (1) day before the actual use and to be returned immediately at the end of the day. Overhead projector (OHP) used in the classrooms should be properly returned in their designated station:

Grd. Floor  -  St. Monica/HS AVC

2nd Floor   - St. Lioba/Cor. Faculty Passage Corner near faculty restroom

3rd Floor    - HS Library

7.   Losses and damages will be dealt with accordingly. Report such matters at once to the AV Center for proper services. Delegation of responsibility to other is discouraged.

8.   The AV personnel must be notified immediately of any cancellation of activities so others can avail of the free slot(s).

9.   SILENCE must be observed always while viewing and in the AV Center. Bringing of candies and the like etc. inside the Center is discouraged.


All materials are to be checked out at the Circulation Desk. The library has a computerized circulation system. Each student’s name has been entered into the computers with an assigned number. Every book in the library has a barcode, the barcode number is keyed into the computer, and the book is then charged to he student’s identification number. 

Circulation Policy

To Check Out Books

1.   Consult the card catalog or the online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) to verify if a book is available in the high school library.

2.  Copy  in a call slips the exact number, title and the author of the book. Remember that the call number is a very important symbol and must be copied accurately. If the book is not found ask the assistance of the library personnel.

3.   If the book is found, write your name, grade, and section on the book card.

4.   Present the books and your I.D at the Circulation desk for proper check out.

Materials to be Checked Out

1.   Students may check out six(6) Books at a time: three(3) fiction books and three(3) non-fiction books.

2.   Fiction and biography books can be checked out for a period of one week subject to renewal if not requested by another student.

3.  Non-fiction or reference books may check out for 2 days.

4.   Books and other materials reserved by teachers for class research activities are kept at the Charging Desk. During the research these materials are for ROOM USE ONLY.

5.  Any student who has not returned her overdue books shall be given notice through her respective adviser. A sanction will be given to any student who has received a 3rd notice. A copy of list of students with over clue books is forwarded to the office of students Formation Coordinator (SFC) for information purposes.

When to Check Out/In ?

During Recess / Lunchtime

and Dismissal Time

    * During examination days, circulation books may be checked out not earlier than recess time.

    * The books are checked in to the Charging Desk. In case the book is lost, report  immediately and settle all accounts as soon as possible

    * To renew, check in the book first then ask renewal and follow the same steps in  checking out the books.

    * No Borrowing During Saturdays


P 0.50  - Each day excluding Saturdays & Sundays for one week fiction books.
P 1.00 – Each day for overnight books (reference) of any kind.
P 20.00 – For processing of a lost or replacement book materials (processing includes plastic cover, book card/ pockets,  etc.)

Losses and Damages

 A lost book must be replaced with same copyright date or paid for   current price or an additional 25% on old price, on the year of purchase, and on each succeeding year up to the year the book got lost.

Reported lost book must be replaced or paid for within a period of two weeks after reporting. Failure to comply within the given grace period will be charged accordingly.  Notices will be issued as with overdue books

Damaged checked in books and other materials must also be paid accordingly.


It serves, primarily the needs of the high school department; the students and faculty.

It opens also to other employees as well as to the Sisters of the Benedictine Community, subject to its rules and regulations. Likewise, the SSAM alumnae are also welcome to use the library during Saturdays. 

The Identification Card

To avail of library privilege, a student must have her school I.D. this serves as her pass when using the library and its resources. NO I.D. NO ENTRY.


Access to the book collection is provided by using the two catalogs: the traditional card catalog consisting of a   3 x 5 card and the Online, Public Access Catalog (OPAC) with search options directly available to patrons.

Students may search from both catalogs by author, subject, title and key word. For the periodical collection, Periodical Index is provided. It points out the location of the topics discussed in the periodicals covered by index.  All subject entries are filed in one straight alphabetical order with volume, page and data issue.


The SSAM library practices an open shelf system. For this reason, a Control Desk is maintained to safeguard library collections.

The Control Procedure

Upon entrance to and exit from the library, clientele are requested to present their things (books, etc.) to the desk assistant for inspections.

Arrangement of Books

The system of arrangement used is the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) it divides the human knowledge into ten (10) classes using decimal numbers (000-999) to symbolize such classes.


A. Student

1.   The school I.D. serves as pass for entering the library (NO I.D. NO ENTRY)

2.   Bags, folders and the like are deposited outside the library (Only one notebook and one book are allowed inside).

3.   Complete SILENCE is to be observed always. Project making, group discussions, meetings etc. are discouraged inside the library. The library is only for research and study.

4.   Students will be dealt with accordingly if they:

  • are caught tearing pages of any library materials or any form of vandalism.

  • have not returned their overdue books after receiving the second (2nd) notice.

  • are wearing/using somebody else's I.D. 

  • are making unnecessary talking

5.   The librarian must be notified immediately upon loss of book.

6.   A student is requested to settle her obligations (fine overdue books, etc.) as soon as possible so that she can immediately avail herself of the library privileges.

B. Faculty

1.   Textbook needed by the teachers to support their educational work may be Checked out for one school year.

2.   Reference books and other recreational readings can be drawn for period of one month subject to renewal if not in demand. A maximum of ten (10) books are allowed to be Checked out; if the book is needed in the library, the librarian will claim it by reminder.

3. General references (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.), newspapers, bound periodicals are to be read only in the library. At the bound periodicals may be Checked out for classroom use and to be returned at the end of the day. Back issues of the selected periodicals can be Checked in/out from the Charging Desk.

4.   In case of use of library, priority will be given to all activities included during the mapping out of the activities. Teachers concerned must accomplish a reservation form to be forwarded to the library two days (2) before the scheduled time.

5.  With regard to class research activities, the signature of the coordinator is required; the teacher concerned is directly responsible for his/her own class.

6.   A fine is charged for overdue books; a lost book must be replaced and or paid for current price. Damaged Checked in books and other library materials must also be paid accordingly.


P 0.50 a day for pocket size fiction
P 1.00 day for reference books (non - fiction)
P 10.00 for lost borrower's card

7.   When leaving the library, the teachers are encouraged to present all that they carry out at the Control Desk for inspection.

8.  The cooperation of all the library clientele to maintain a quiet atmosphere conducive to serious & pleasant study is expected.

C. During Non-Class Days

1.   All students who wish to come during non-class days specifically during Saturdays for library research are requested to secure a permit slip from the librarian.

2.   The permit slip shall be presented to the guard upon entering to the campus and to the library staff assigned at the Control Desk.

3.   The policy of "NO I.D. / NO PERMIT NO ENTRY" will be strictly observed. The permit slip is not a substitute for school I.D.

4.   Library clientele are expected to observe proper dress code: wearing of shorts is not allowed inside during class and non-class days.

D. Alumnae

1.   Alumnae of SSAM are allowed to use the library during Saturdays.

2.   Forms must be secured from the Guards and to be submitted to the library assistants before entering the Reading Area. This serves as a library permit.

3.   Only print materials (books/magazines) are available during research. No other service like dubbing/taping etc. will be served.

4.   Library clientele are expected to observe proper dress code; wearing of shorts is not allowed inside the library.