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Student Development Center

The Guidance Department of St. Scholastica's Academy was pioneered by Sr. M. Ligouri del Rosario, OSB, in 1961 and served as the Guidance Director. At that time, 63 students were enrolled and were served by the Guidance Department. The student population rose year after year, necessitating for additional Guidance staff. In the 70’s, there was one Guidance Director, 2 counselors and 1 secretary. At present, with a steady enrolment of more than 3,200 students in Grade School and High School combined, we have 1 Guidance Head, 4 counselors in High School, 4 counselors in Grade School, 2 Psychometricians and 2 secretaries willing and happy to serve the students and the school community. 

SDC Personnel

Head, Student Development Center
Life Mentors
Ms. Eilynvina Garcia
Grs. 6, 1 & Kindergarten
Ms. Nathalie Garcia
Grs. 5, 1 & Kindergarten
Ms. Mikaela Garcia
Grs. 4, 2 & Kindergarten
Ms. Loraine Minay
Grs. 3, 2 & Kindergarten
 Ms. Maria Lourdes

Grade 10
Ms. Katleen Maye Haban
Grade 9 & Tuklas Talino Moderator
Ms. Leonida
G. Cruz

Grade 8 &
OSF Moderator
Ms. Ma. Triza Mannag
Grade 7

Ms. Analea Cando
Ms. Kristine Rodiano
Guidance Secretary
Ms. Catherine Dizon
Guidance Secretary



Student Development Center Services

It is the goal of the Guidance Department to help each student discover her needs, assess her potentials, gradually develop life goals that are individually satisfying and socially desirable, formulate plans of action, and proceed towards realization. The specific Guidance Department services are as follows: 

  • Information service collects information and disseminates it to the person served.

  • Testing service obtains objective measurements and interprets results for the benefit of the individual.

  • Counseling service provides students and other individuals with the opportunity to work with the counselor whenever necessary.

  • Follow-up service continues the activities begun in other services until all needs for services shall have been met.

  • Research and evaluation service seeks new information and other important data for the development of programs that would answer the needs of the school and the students.

  • Social Skills Program provides students’ interaction for positive development of one’s ability to communicate and understand other individuals.

LINK is a newsletter to enrich parents with skills on how to handle children of the 21st century.

  • PTEP (Parent-Teacher Education Program) is an annual symposium for parents and teachers whose aim is to help them gain knowledge and skills in handling children and adolescents. Resource persons are invited to discuss specific topic/s designed for each group or level being served.

  • Guidance Period or Class is aimed at providing students activities that will enhance and develop their self-concept and become better persons.


SDC Activities


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