“Scholasticans Prepping Up For Their Dream Careers!”

Last July of School Year 2016 – 2017, St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina celebrated the Career Guidance Week, spearheaded by the Student Development Center (SDC). The theme for the said celebration was, “Scholasticans! Unite and Ignite Your Passions and Live Up To Your Dream Careers”. Its objectives were to provide career activities that will help the students identify and appreciate their own interests, abilities, inclinations and needs. With the support of the administrators, faculty and staff, the Life Mentors were able to organize and facilitate career activities.

The Grade School Department had the following classroom – based career activities. These were conducted during their scheduled Guidance Periods. For the Grade 6 level, handled by Ms. Eilynvina Garcia, the students focused on identifying and clarifying their interests. Moreover, the activity, “My Career Slogan”, helped the students see the importance of having clear goals and ambitions for a better future through creative outputs. The Grade 5 students, mentored by Ms. Nathalie Garcia, had an activity entitled, “My Dream Collage”, which helped the students showcase their talents and skills needed for their future careers. Ms. Mikaela Garcia, the Life Mentor of the Grade 4 students, facilitated the activity entitled, “Mark My Future” that aimed to boost their self – esteem by recognizing their own strengths in achieving their dreams. The students were asked to make a bookmark by coming up with a symbol related to their future careers. In addition, they were asked to complete the phrase, “I believe I can ….”, which they wrote on their bookmarks.  Lastly, the Grade 3 Life Mentor, Ms. Loraine Minay, gave an activity entitled, “My Future Career”, where the students were asked to draw what they want to be when they grow up with a description on why they have chosen that particular career. The chosen creative outputs of the students from the different grade levels were displayed along the corridor of the SDC.

Aside from the classroom – based career activities, representatives from the Grades 5 and 6 levels participated in the Poster-Making contest with the theme, “ScholasticansI Unite with One Another and Ignite Your Passions toward a better Future”. This allowed the participants to reveal their talents in art by interpreting and illustrating the said theme. Their posters were displayed at the SDC’s corridor. Winners for the grades 5 and 6 were announced last August 5, 2016. They are: Ruth Anika B. Paragas and Nicole Arabela M. Martinez from Grade 5 – Reliant, and Riejohnna V. Opong and Angeline Dominique F. Marasigan from Grade 6 – Just. 

Grade 4 students were invited for the Career Photobooth, also held at the SDC. Props for certain careers were prepared by the Life Mentors. Students were free to borrow from the available props or they may also bring their own. They were excited to dress up and project for their chosen careers. Some of them had their pictures taken as a group or solo. The pictures from the Career Photobooth were presented last July 27, 2016 during their Lunch Break. They all had fun seeing themselves with their wacky poses and reading their short explanations of why they chose those particular careers.

For Grade 3, the students had the Career Interactive Activity in their respective classrooms after they have taken their lunch. They actively participated as the Life Mentor introduced the different community helpers and the roles that they play in the society. They were also asked to answer the Word Hunt worksheet that was based on the Interactive Activity.

The Kindergarten students also had their Career Interactive Activity. A seatwork activity entitled, “Color My Future”, was accomplished by dressing – up the picture according to the career they want to pursue in the future. They were very much engaged in designing their pictures. At the end of the activity, the students had a group sharing of their work.  


The most highly anticipated event of the Career Guidance Week was the Kindergarten Career Parade held last July 28, 2016 (Friday) in the afternoon. It involved the Kindergarten teachers, pupils and Grade School Life Mentors who were asked to wear their unique and creative career costumes. They sprightly marched through the different offices and classrooms of the High School Department. The High School students and teachers were eager to see them in their costumes and cheered for them by giving them sweet treats. Sister Alexis Lamarroza, OSB, the Grade School Principal, showed her utmost support by happily joining the pupils and teachers in the parade and picture-taking.

Awards were given for the Best in Costume, the Most Creative and the Most Unique. For the Best in Costume, the winners were: Iesha Madison Daligdig (K – Maayos), Angel Lyn Aquino (K – Masigla), Julia Cecille Torrecampo (K – Masikap), and Sophia Louise Laine Ferrer (K – Masinop). The Most Creative awards were given to the following: Aimee Margaret Remonte (K – Maayos), Mary Stephanie Kurl Gomez (K – Masigla), Erin Rafaelle David (K – Masikap), and Kirsten Daniela Castelo (K – Masinop). For the Most Unique awards, the winners were: Claire Marie Romero (K – Maayos), Alecs Andrea Barrameda (K – Masigla), Sophia Andrea Marie Santos (K – Masikap), and Brielle Savannah Cremen (K – Masinop).  There were also awards given to the Kindergarten teacher and Grade School Life Mentor for the Best in Costume, namely: Ms. Concepcion Soberano, K – Masinop adviser, and Ms. Eilynvina M. Garcia, K – Maayos Life Mentor.

Indeed, the Career Guidance Week Celebration was a success because of the joint effort and cooperation of the administrators, faculty, staff, parents, Life Mentors, and students.

Ut In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus!