Tuason Community Center Foundation, Inc. (TCCFI)


Aware of the problems spawned by the uneven development of societies, we, ministers of the Lord, respond to immediate and long term needs of the people, in their aspiration for a better quality of life and fuller personhood in a just, humane, progressive and democratic society.  We undertake this guided by the principle of participation in the work of justice and the transformation of society being a constitutive dimension of proclaiming the Gospel.

TCCFI in a close-knit cooperation with St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina (SSAM) and in partnership with a corps of social catalysts from the ranks of the urban poor look upon themselves as an evangelized and evangelizing community seeking Christ where He is most to be found while building Christian communities in an empowering pedagogy of organizing and development, alternative education and Christian formation.

Convictions and Goals

The TCCFI believes that its central task is more than just the implementation of programs and projects; that what it wants is the development of persons in their totality as human beings.  Their and our empowerment brings about the good news of our liberation, and the restoration of our God-given dignity as a people.  The Gospel values of truth, unity, freedom, respect, justice and love, enhanced by Benedictine values enables our implementation to approximate a School of the Lord’s Service.
At the moment, TCCFI’s goal is to facilitate a process of conscientization, organization, mobilization for transforming action geared towards liberation from oppressive structures that hinder development of the people.

  1. Income Generating Ventures
    This is mainly a support service for TCCFI programs.  It is engaged in sewing of SSAM uniforms, which at the same time gives opportunity for economic benefit, and develops teamwork among community mothers.
  2. Exposure
    This opens up for exposurists to observe, integrate with the people and learn from TCCFI’s programs and services.  It also enables the exposurists to see and experience the life situation of the poor, exchange ideas with the people, and possibly share resources.

  3. SSAM-TCCFI Coordinated Activities
    These are institutionally orchestrated activities by students, teachers, PTA, alumnae and TCCFI implementers by which the school’s various social involvement programs and TCCFI’s services are dovetailed to optimize social impact.

Nature and Purpose

TCCFI is a non-stock, non-profit private organization, administered by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters in SSAM.  It strives to facilitate the holistic development of poor communities in Marikina, underscoring the rights and welfare of women and children in the implementation of its programs and services.

Our relationship with NGO/PO Networks

TCCFI works and coordinates closely with networks of non-government and people’s organizations.  With the principle and spirit of mutual sharing, respect and assistance, TCCFI relates with other groups or individuals who are supportive to and sympathetic with the just struggle of our people.